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grateful & humbled

“Marie is an extraordinary woman.”Anthony Robbins | Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Strategist

“Pre-Marie, I was in the same stuck place for years and years. Trying to find my “path,” I took workshops, bought lots of self-helpy books, and went on creepy retreats. Didn’t work. But since I started working with Marie, my work and creative life has changed completely, and my income has practically doubled.

Marie has a combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else: frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, and marketing/ business genius. Who else can read exactly what’s going on inside your head (even when you can’t), push you in the right direction, and then teach you to write brilliant sales copy?

There are a zillion “life coaches” and “business gurus” out there, but none of them can do what Marie does. She is magic.”
Laura Belgray | Professional Copywriter

“I made over $50,000 in a few weeks with my first online product!!! Wooohooo! I never thought I could do it, but I did. Working with Marie pays off.”
Christa Meola | Photographer

“Marie’s unique flavor of entrepreneurial style fits perfectly with Virgin Unite and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.”Richard Branson | Founder of The Virgin Group

“Using Marie’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School program, I launched a program in January that sold out to my waiting list before I even officially announced it publicly. That was a $30K day. I’ve also attracted some high paying speaking gigs and have a really cool product in development. I am on track to make as much money by May of this year than I did the entire year last year. I have also grown my list by at least 25% each month. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve booked 3 speaking engagements totaling $20k and landed two new consulting clients (total of $25k).”
Melissa Cassera | Buzzworthy Publicity & Spokesperson Services
“Marie’s wisdom and coaching allowed me to do things my way while still incorporating smart, time-tested marketing and business principles. The result? My business went from $60k per year to approaching the half million mark in under 3 years. Since I began working with Marie I’ve not only made a lot more money and taken giant leaps in my business, but I’ve seen an incredible vitality added to all my relationships – personal, romantic, family and business.”
Laura Roeder | Social Media and Marketing Expert
“This year I’m looking at the possibility of skipping six figures all together and breaking seven figures! I can truly say that taking Marie’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School and implementing what I learned about rocking an online business has made a HUGE difference not only in my income, but also in how seriously I take myself and my business, and how much fun I’m having doing it.”
Kate Northrup | The Freedom Tour
“She has an energy like no other coach/mentor I have come into contact with, is incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers amazingly valuable content. I’ve learned so much even from her free online content and trainings. I’ve recommended Marie to any colleagues and friends who are either running their own business, have aspirations to start their own business, or just want to be more in control of their future.”
Heather Pierce Giannone | Health & Wellness Coach

“Marie embodies the feminine ideal for the 21st Century. She’s smart and successful without sacrificing ‘sexy.’”-Lisa Oz | NY Times Bestselling Author + Host on Oprah Radio

“Marie, you are really awesome! You have this fantastic ability to connect instantly with our heart and soul! Your Tony Robbins interview you on the New Money Masters – it was the last one I watched. You woke me up instantly with your message, and life was never the same! The message was living life on my own way, being my best self doing what I’m passionate about!”
Paulo Soares Pereira | Shepherd & Co. | Sao Paulo, Brazil
“I knew that working with Marie in Adventure Mastermind was going to be worth way more than the investment, and I was right. Before Adventure Mastermind it felt like I was building a small business very methodically, but also very slowly. Now it’s like the floodgates have opened and I’ve got more clients, more business, and more money coming in than I ever imagined possible.

I’ve been learning from Marie for a few years now, and every time I implement one of her ideas and suggestions I make more money, feel better in my skin, and have a more rewarding relationship.

I recommend Marie and her programs to people all the time. At first they might giggle when I mention that she runs programs called Rich Happy & Hot. Then they stop giggling and look at what’s happened for me in the last few months, and ask me how they can get involved in Marie’s world. I freaking love Marie. What really impresses me is that she’s not out there to make a quick buck. She’s in it for the long term, to build a business that changes lives, and gives back.”
Nathalie Lussier | Nathalie Lussier Media

“I don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Marie and her team are doing and in such a fantastic, ‘holistic’ kind of way. That is, making the body-mind connection in order to tap in to the energy and resources within. And then combined it with the new tools (online marketing, social media, etc) to achieve it…it’s a powerful synthesis.”
Jean Compton | Writer
“RHH Live has been the single most valuable investment I’ve made in my business and myself to date. There was sooooo much valuable info from all of the speakers, but being surrounded by so many amazing women, making connections and the continued support and contact with these women has been invaluable and can’t be duplicated!”
Rachel Anzalone | Holistic Entrepreneur Coaching

“Impeccable standards, deep generosity, and a mind that optimizes everything in her path, Marie Forleo naturally elevates everyone around her.”Danielle LaPorte | Creator of and The Fire Starter Sessions

“Thank you, thank you!! Deep gratitude, excitement, trepidation, fascination, inspiration… the list goes on. So juiced up from the experience… which has led to drastic changes already. I think Marie’s brand is impassioned and progressive. She facilitates a connection and celebration of self that many women (and some men) are desiring. I know for me it has been exhilarating, though at times terrifying, and very liberating. The authenticity of Marie’s work and her commitment to her work is so real now that I’ve experienced it.”
Caitlin Padgett | Youth Rise
“Marie shows you that you don’t have to follow rules to be an entrepreneur – that you can do things your way and run a successful business and not lose who you are. She’s got real experience and is totally transparent with tactics and high-level advice. The best thing about her is that she makes you feel capable and confident to trust yourself in your business decisions.”
Ishita Gupta | founder of Fear.less Magazine
“There was so much power-packed goodness in my strategic day with Marie. We mapped out the path for my business to cross a half-million and I feel completely empowered, clear and ready to step into the business and lifestyle of my dreams!”
Laura Hollick | soul artist/ CEO Soul Art Studio Inc.

“She’s smart, insightful, and serves from the heart. Marie Forleo is one to watch.”Tim Ferriss | #1 New York Times bestselling author, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek

“I read a quote recently that talks about soulmates being people who bring you to your own attention. If that’s the case-Marie Forleo is not only my entrepreneurial soulmate-but my soulmate for life. She takes who you are and what you’re doing and sprinkles her bad-ass, creative, intuitive, loving and genius dust all over it. In Adventure Mastermind, she handpicks a group of women who will all do the same. Marie understands that when you’re an entrepreneur your biz and your life overlap intimately-so what you get is whatever you need. The biggest phenomenon is the limitless generosity of time, creativity, ideas and support. Just 4 months in I have 10+ new clients, hundreds of new people on my list and a beautiful new website that I don’t even love-I’m obsessed with. If you find yourself with an Adventure Mastermind application in your hands I highly suggest you dig deep, open up and give it your all. Should you be selected I promise it’ll be one of the highlights of your life-personally and professionally.”
Liz DiAlto | Health & Fitness Coach
“OMG I just bought your book today and read it in like 2 hrs … unbelievable how true everything is. You nailed it right down to the core. In literally 2 hrs I’ve learned more about myself and my relationship than I have in the past 8 years. It was fate that I picked your book off the shelf today amongst many alike, and in reading it, it just solved my problems, *bliiinkkkk* just like that. THANK YOU, thank you for writing this book.”
Antonia Selaru | Digital Art & Graphic Design | Ireland
“No fluff, no bullshit…only content rich, practical, ‘put on your big-girl panties’ information.”
Hannah Cherney | Photographer
“Half baked crazy messy ideas turn into cha-chinnnng when Marie Forleo is around. It’s freaking-unbelievable. I don’t know how she makes it happen, but she does. Every time.”
Mayi Carles | Artist & Creative Coach | Panama City, Panama

“Marie is one of the smartest, coolest, most talented and strategic thinkers I know. I would pay for advice from Marie any day of the week.”Joe Polish | Piranha Marketing Inc.

“I call her Marie ‘Corleone’. Because Marie is the Godmother for all sassy, outrageously creative, entrepreneurial women worldwide. From the first class it was like ‘Welcome to the family, babe! We’ll take good care of you.’ You can’t find this anywhere else. And no growing business can succeed without it. Run, don’t walk, to join in on anything Marie does! It’s waaaaay worth the money.”
Olga Aura | Relationship & Financial Coach
“Marie Forleo is one-of-a-kind cool. I’ve gained so much from her videos and newsletters. It’s amazing how much rich content she can share with wit and wisdom. She makes web marketing fun while imparting valuable advice.”
Sarah Fisher, Director/Producer | Blue Lotus Films
“Marie created new space in my brain called Endless Possibility! I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and am now re-inventing in preparation for the next 20 years.”
Juliet Erickson | Communication Consultant
“Marie’s free content alone is better, funner, and easier to understand than many programs I have paid big bucks for. Marie is a goddess–she truly cares, and she truly knows what she’s talking about.”
Krista Kubie | Writer, Belly Dancer, Fairy Godmother
“Marie is the perfect example of authenticity and reality. She doesn’t tell you ‘what’ she tells you ‘how.’ As a Generation-X poster child I’m skeptical, and I can tell you without question that her free Tuesday videos will provide more REAL value to your professional development than all the other empty-promise, you are-a-stupid-victim-so-buy-this-useless-bullshit that we’ve all paid for. I’m a fan-and I have no doubt that many of my future successes will have quite a lot to do with Marie Forleo. Stop watching and paying for that other crap and get focused on Marie!”
Angela Palmier | Strategic Invention Coach

“I don’t make a move without Marie. She’s my Crazy Sexy Consigliere.”Kris Carr | NY Times Bestselling Author

“Marie delivers absolute quality products, she cares about her customer and it comes through. She is always striving to provide what is needed, so you know you won’t ever get fluff from her. Just great, solid information with sassiness and a killer attitude to boot. She’s a complete badass and deserves every bit of success coming her way.”
Sally Hope | Inspiration Coach
“I am a huge fan of Marie. The information she shares blows my mind, and I expect a lot. She has so much integrity, authenticity and professionalism while making learning and growing so much fun. My business has grown exponentially (with a lot of entertainment along the way!) since getting to know Marie. I suggest everyone jumps on the Marie train…it’s worth every penny and every minute of your time.”
Casey Lorraine Thomas | Detox and Wellness Coach | Western Australia
“I’ve never gotten such great advice from ANYONE EVER! Marie Forleo is a smart, hip, and witty gal who is a business leader, motivational speaker, and fun girlfriend rolled into one. I always look forward to her Q&A Tuesdays and implement her business savvy tips ASAP. If you want to be Rich Happy & Hot, look no further!”
Maya Sheppard | Entrepreneur/Creative Freelancer
“Marie’s courses have rocked my world and given me permission to create a life I was just dreaming about. I owe a huge portion of my business successes to her insight & teachings. Everything she gives you access to is pure genius on every freakin’ level. Most of all she inspires me to have fun doing something I love. Viva Marie!!!”
Jenn Burton | Dating & Romance Coach

“Marie’s on the cutting edge of teaching business success to women.”Eben Pagan | Founder of Hot Topic Media and Guru Mastermind

“Marie Forleo is on FIRE with savvy online marketing skills which are revolutionizing how I work. I’ve already made back over ten times more money in profit than what I invested in training with her. She is a storehouse of savvy business information which is practical and can be immediately applied to take your company from old school to leading edge. Don’t wait! Sign up for her programs. They will change your life.”
Christabel Zamor | Founder/CEO HoopGirl, Inc.
“When I First heard about Marie’s B-School for women I was disappointed that is was only for women! When I found out men could jump in the class I joined immediately. Marie has a very unique ability to combine learning with entertainment and fun to really keep your interest and make it easy to understand exactly what you should do next. I highly recommend her coaching and trainings to anyone who wants to explode their business!”
Niko Mercuris | Entrepreneur, Writer & Business Coach
“I’ve read your book ‘Make Every Man Want You. How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!’ and it changed my life completely. It’s like looking at your life from another angle and feeling the way it changes for the better.”
Anna | Photographer | Ukraine

“Forleo helped us add over $150K to our bottom line and reach an audience we haven’t been able to serve. Her work is brilliant and she will revolutionize your approach to living your dreams.”Regena Thomashauer | Founder + CEO of The School of Womanly Arts

“How can you not fall in love with Marie? Her audacious authenticity is unmatched. No gag-me-with-a-spoon marketing here, just pure energy and undiluted spirit.”
Sue Ann Gleason | Conscious Bites Nutrition
“Receiving your e-mails as they come has made realise that there is more to life than working for someone. It has really motivated me to venture out on my own. You have been an inspiration to me personally in life and I really look up to women like you. Thank you for all you have done for me.”
Karen Tladi | South Africa
“I used to be the Princess in the tower waiting for the Prince to show up and rescue me. That was my approach to business. I only “discovered” Marie two months ago but I have changed so much in my business approach which in turn brought in so much more cash already. I think the biggest liberation was that I am allowed to be awesome, go and get it and it’s totally ok to want more.”
Melanie Martin | Photographer | Birmingham, United Kingdom

“If you want to learn how to stand out from the crowd, just watch Marie. She’s a master!”Ryan Lee | Internet Marketing & Continuity Income

“I discovered you and your v-e-r-y solid approach to business as well as keeping body and soul together. Your hipness and savvy are pushing me to re-evaluate everything I am doing as I have not been at all efficient on Internet. So I am learning a whole new approach and a whole new attitude to take my New York bred, Ivy League educated ass off the bench and into the game. You are so cool! I am ready to rock!”
Beverly Lewis | Rome
“I remember watching my 1st Q& A Tuesday with Marie. I sat there, completely engaged in the computer screen, wondering who this person was and how she knew the answers to all of my life questions. Since then, I like to think of Marie as my big sis in biz…always there with a comforting solution, leading by example, and having fun every step of the way. Marie has taught me that living in the now doesn’t mean I am an irresponsible plan avoider, it means I am an entrepreneur with a passion for life.”
Joan Roman | Producer & Writer

“Marie Forleo is an authentic leader for the next generation. Her confidence, enthusiasm and spirit bleed through every blog, lecture and music video.”Gabrielle Bernstein | Bestselling author of Add More ~ing To Your Life

“I don’t remember which fortuitous series of mouse clicks led me to Marie’s website, but it was love at first read. Nitty gritty soul-searching biz advice? Check. Funny-as-hell videos? Check. Weekly kick-your-butt-in-gear motivators for entrepreneurs like myself who want to light the world on fire? Check. Marie is the ultimate life guru for people who are serious about rockin’ their business, and serious about brightening the world, one choice at a time.”
Mo Tipton | Tiny Food Sculptor & Jewelry Designer
“Marie is hands-down my favorite female personality/online mentor. What sets her apart from the rest is that she has a genuine interest in helping other women become empowered, which is very easy to see when you watch her videos. I love reading her blog and always enjoy my weekly dose of humor, wit, and wisdom that is MarieTV.”
Danielle Ford | Changing the World Coach
“I have attended all of Marie Forleo’s events and I have always been impressed with the knowledge (laced with necessary fun) that I have walked away with. Marie’s events and programs have given me actionable tools that make me and my business definitely rich, definitely happy and definitely hot. I already budget to be at least one of her events a year, because it’s that worth it. And the relationships with other fabu women entrepreneurs that have been created have been priceless.”
Jennifer Kem | Business Mentor and Lifestyle Blogger

“Marie is ridiculously smart. Strike that, friggin’ genius. She’s got that rare ability to digest massive amounts of complex business and marketing information, boil it down to the essentials, then share it in a way that’s not just inspiring, but actionable.”Jonathan Fields | Author, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

“The touch-it-once idea has brought so much more efficiency in my life. Not only that things are completed much more effortlessly when I do them right away, but not having to worry or think about when to complete a begun task has freed so much energy in my life. The second is the CYP. I just love how easy “decisions” become when I look for the CYP. In fact they don’t feel like decisions anymore, things are just clear. The CYP has saved me from a unfortunate job change and guided me to the career of my dreams.”
Annina | Physical therapist, Student & Future Entrepreneur | Switzerland
“Marie delivers. Her programs have changed the way I look at my current and new businesses, as well as how I orchestrate my time. If you know that you have value and are aching for a clear path to birth your purpose consciously, ethically and feel good about what you receive in return, Marie can be your go to guide to clarity, profit and tangible fulfillment of your purpose or mission.”
Rommy Hussey | Yoga Teacher
“Marie cuts directly to the core of what is being addressed and transmits this effortlessly. Her ability to simply embrace the task or challenge that you are facing, and to literally ‘beam you’ to a different perspective is liberating and empowering. It is like watching a torch be passed on by a simple vision and step by step guidelines without any distracting frills but all the thrills! All it takes is you to feel the essence and take the action, and you are propelled to the next level of keeping it real and enjoying the journey. Marie supports you to be you, simply by her commitment to be fully her. It’s a bright new evolution of support, truth & communication that is supporting the individual, community and planet.”
Laura Hames Franklin | BodyTalk Practitioner & Teacher
“Greetings from all the way in Bangkok! I LOVE your book ‘Make Every Man Want You.’ It has given me so many new insights on dating and understanding both myself and men. I used to be so scared of dating just because I was afraid of rejection and heart break. But after reading your book, I enjoy going out with guys just because it is fun! Thank you so much for writing such a great book!”
Dea Bernadette Susel | Entrepreneur | Bangkok Thailand
“What I love about Ms. Marie is her spunk and spirit and commitment to living every morsel of her message. She’s a great model of what it means to lead a rich, happy and hot life – of service. More, she’s an inspiration for radiating one’s truth unabashedly.”
Jennifer Leonard | Designer / Writer / Speaker
“I used to spend hours each week scouring the internet for best practices, but no more! You have done all the work for me. Now I spend my time moving my business forward instead of trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t!”
Shay de Silva | Marketing & Project Management Consultant | Singapore
“Forleo is Fan-fu*king-tastic. I’ve purchased almost every program she has offered
in the last 18 months and she never fails to blow my mind with her sassy, sexy, ninja success secrets for business and life. Her training programs have helped me double my revenue by giving me a booty-spank into doable action steps and mindset shifts for my business. She delivers from the heart and with passion. Marie has inspired me to be me, and the payoff??? MASSIVE.”
Tracy Lee Jones | Juicy Living Entrepreneur
“Marie Forleo is a mastermind of business, marketing, and all of the brilliant ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ information. She gives away so much good stuff!! (It’s one of the few newsletters I actually read.) She has helped me to open my mind, get outta that little box, and be okay with making mistakes, as long as I’m moving forward and taking action. Now, I’ve been given the tools I need to know exactly what I need to be doing next… and what I need to do after that… and after that… and after that! I’d recommend Marie to anyone who is interested in creating a business.”
Chelsea Jo Conard | Holistic Health Counselor & Entrepreneur
“Marie is the perfect hybrid of business savvy and sensible soul sister wrapped up in a hip-hop bow of fun. Her programs have bottomless insights in a language I can understand: light, practical, and to-the-point. In a word, she the baddest!”
Megan Czapla | Entrepreneur & Life Coach | South Korea
“Everything about Marie Forleo has impacted on me and my business in a positive way. She delivers material in such a compelling way, sometimes all I need to do is to ask myself ‘What would Marie do?’ and the answer comes to me. Her simple ‘live in the moment’ philosophy brings me into my right relationship with my life and work every day and for this alone I am eternally grateful.”
Claire Hayes | Founder- Autism Parents Support
“Marie is the perfect injection of biz mojo infused with spirituality. Through her live events and programs I have implemented so many needed habits and practices. Plus her programs inspire the students to actually interact with each other. My life and biz have only gotten ‘richer’ in many senses of the word. Priceless!”
Alexandra Greenawalt | Personal Fashion Stylist
“Don’t be fooled by the fun, Marie has it taped. RHH B-School is the most practical training I have ever done, and it is transforming my business week by week.”
Alison MacLeod | Website Strategy Expert | Cambridge, England
“I love your dynamism. I also, like you, have believed that nothing is impossible in life. What’s more, I admire your positive attitude. What I like about you is that you teach women – even an elderly woman like myself who still hopes to become a bestseller author – to believe in the powers hidden within them.”
Armineh Helen Ohanian
“Marie’s positive, full of life energy and no BS advice is the only update I look forward to in my inbox each week. Thanks to her inspirational insights and fun videos I just started my own business and know I don’t have to be one thing or do it it any one way. What liberation! Thank you so much. Plus, did I say she has the best name?”
Marie Incles | Editor and Journalist | Hong Kong
“I am LOVING everything you offer and share with us! I am loving all that I am learning. Also, I am so honored and humbled to be part of this amazing cohort of kick ass women, what an empowering vibe, which in itself is something to be SO very grateful for! And finally a mentor, especially one that makes me laugh!”
Nasrin Shah-Abushakra | Writer & Publisher | Dubai
“As I was sitting here working on my upcoming book, I began to do an exercise on personal mission statements. One of the questions was to list 4 people who have influenced my life. Without even having to think deeply, my top 4 were Jesus, Oprah, Mom and Marie Forleo.

Yea, I was surprised too. I thought for sure Buddha or some other non-living person would top the list, but nope, there it was written MARIE FORLEO. It just came very automatic.

Your authenticity and spirit of generosity are why I believe you have been so influential to me. You are absolutely you in everything you do and you’re not stingy with the goods. You’re not holding back your best in hopes to sell me something else. You give and encourage others to give without asking in return. Thank you Marie for reminding me that I am in a business of service and that when I give generously everything else will follow.”
Rachel Luna | Success Coach, Speaker, & Author of “Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P” | Okinawa, Japan

“Marie is a rare gem in the business world. She’s smart as a whip, classy and beautiful, authentic and fun. This is the image of the modern business women.”
Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady

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