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“Who is this guy?” That’s what I asked myself when I first saw his work. He was passionate, articulate and massively creative.

If you don’t know Jason Silva, please take 2 minutes and 55 seconds to watch this video before diving into our longer interview. You’ll know if this uber inspiring philosophical jam is up your alley.

Heads up: this video still brings tears to my eyes when I watch it because it reminds me of how damn much I love love. How much I treasure life in all its forms and how incredibly fleeting it all is.

Since you’re still reading, I’ll take that as a sign that you’re ready for more Jason Silva.

As a person who is always creating and learning, I love meeting people who can make me even more inspired to stretch my own capabilities, reach farther and dig deeper.

That’s what I admire so much in Jason and I hope he inspires the same in you. In today’s interview we’re talking futurism, technology, spirituality, idea sex and more.

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Most of us work really, really hard to make good things happen in life.

We put in long hours. We take risks. We keep the faith. We constantly work on our craft. We put ourselves out there and do our best to serve others.

But once you start experiencing success, do you ever worry about losing it?

What if everyone stops buying? What if I just can’t keep creating magic? What if people get bored of me (my talents/products/services) and I become yesterday’s news?

It doesn’t matter how positive or spiritual you are, or how diligently you work, because our brains have ancient circuitry called negativity bias. Meaning, we tend to give more attention and weight to negative thoughts than positive ones.

If you find worries about it all “slipping away” mounting in your mind over and over again, there are concrete steps you can take to neutralize them.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn three simple and effective keys for how to deal with the fear of losing it all.

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Do you ever feel pressured to dream big?

As though if you’re not trying to save the world, learn four languages or build a billion dollar company, that you must not be ambitious enough?

While some people feel confident with their personal appetite for — and definition of — success, I’ve noticed that some folks are struggling with what I call small dream shame: an insidious angst and drive to aim higher, “think bigger” and strive for more.

But what if dreaming big is actually crushing your soul?  

That’s the exact topic we’re tackling on today’s episode of MarieTV.

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I’m happy to be back in New York after spending a few weeks in Paris and Morocco.

Now the vast majority of my trips in recent years have been work related — speaking, conferences, seminars. You know, productive stuff.

While I love all kinds of travel, I have to say that being completely off from work the past few weeks has been massively healing for my mind, body and soul.

It was also deeply nourishing to spend extended, almost non-stop quality time with Josh. He’s someone I cherish and absolutely adore experiencing the world with.

98% of the time, we get along like gangbusters. But, like any couple, we get on each other’s nerves, too. You should have seen the fiery little exchange we had in Paris getting lost during my relentless hunt for the perfect croissant :) !

Conflict isn’t fun for anyone, but it is a natural part of life. The better we can get at dealing with it, the easier life becomes.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn two magical words to help you ‘win’ almost any argument, fast.

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Do you ever struggle to clearly communicate your message?

Whether you’re pitching yourself to get press, a new project, a new client, or a new job — being concise and compelling is vital.

But when you’re multipassionate, or just have a lot of valuable things to say, effectively selling yourself in just a few words can feel near impossible.

But here’s the hard truth.

You only have seconds to get a producer, client, customer or boss’s attention — and keep it.

And in order to do that, you’ve got to simplify your message. If you’ve ever tried, you know this is no easy task.

Never fear — MarieTV is here :)

And today, my guest has spent over 20 years producing television for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper. Translation? She knows the dos and don’ts of clear communication.

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