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Are you one of those people who have a lot of passions and have trouble knowing which one to choose?

When you’re multipassionate, it can get hairy fast. For example, when it comes to your website, do you put everything under one umbrella or keep them separate?

This, my friend, is a struggle that I’m intimately familiar with.

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It’s not everyday I get to share this kind of video with you.

As you know, Q&A Tuesday is quickly growing to be our favorite day of the week. You ask questions, I do my best to give you answers, and we all have some laughs along the way. 😉

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I’m officially back from Barcelona (OMG was it good!) and happily slipping into summer time goodness.

One of the things I love about summer is that we spend 90% of our time at the beach. We wake up, do yoga, make juice, work for a few hours, and then hit the sand. It’s an awesome lifestyle that I feel truly grateful to experience.

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Yesterday I went to a live taping of the Letterman show and got to see my girl, Lady Gaga in person.

She was sweet, funny and as usual, unapologetically her.  Not surprising that she’s now the most popular (and one of the highest earning) artists in the world.  Did you hear she crashed Amazon’s servers yesterday with her new album release?!?  Crazy pants…

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to tackle this question for Q&A Tuesday, but the eternal 4th grader in me loves the phrase sh*t sandwich, so I couldn’t resist.

In this video, you’ll learn simple and practical ways to use perspective + gratitude to regain clarity whenever you find yourself in a spiral of self-pity.  You’ll also learn about one of my favorite books on the planet, which is perfect for yourself (or a gift) for today, International Women’s Day.

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